Natalia Santiago

Natalia Santiago is a fourth year medical student rotating in Chicago, Illinois and is  passionate about the intersection between women’s health, mental health, and dermatology. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, she obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in biology with a minor in chemistry from The Inter American University of Puerto Rico and is currently completing her medical degree at the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, Mexico.

Throughout her academic career, Natalia has been actively involved in research related to degenerative diseases. She dedicated summers to research at National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Maryland, where she contributed to several projects aimed at improving our understanding of certain complex diseases. In addition to her research work at NIH and throughout medical school, she has also volunteered her time and skills to provide acute medical care, resources, and education on healthcare in low-income areas in Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Natalia is excited to bring awareness about the importance of using sunscreen and bug repellent in tropical places such as Puerto Rico, where skin cancer and mosquito-borne diseases are prevalent. Creating Paquete Sol is of particular importance to Natalia as she understands skin care’s impact biopsychosocially, and she sees it as a way to give back to her community as a healthcare professional.